Perspectives on the Organic Food Industry in Australia

Perspectives on the Organic Food Industry in Australia

Organic Farming
Organic Farming

What are the characteristics of organic consumers?

The national survey which we have quoted above showed that organic food consumers are more likely to be women, (44 per cent of women claimed to have consumed some organic food compared to 34 per cent of men). 

The research also suggests that organic consumers are well educated and have at least middle-level incomes. However, there were many people who claimed to consume organic food who did not fit this pattern, suggesting that organic food consumption has become more mainstream

Perspectives on the growth of the organic industry

Processors, wholesalers and distributors generally believe the organic industry is growing, but perhaps not as fast as some had predicted. 

It is frequently suggested that the key to future growth is promoting the principles and perceived health benefits of organic food. Organic food is often relegated to just a small section of the local supermarket and some boutique health food outlets, so expanding consumer awareness of the availability of organic food is a challenge to the industry. 

By building a competitive and overtly Australian brand that is prominent and familiar, we aim to expand awareness among ordinary Australian consumers that organic food can become part of the average diet and not just be the province of a priveliged socio-economic group or an extremist niche market. Health benefits and the feel good bonus of a positive environmental outcome will set the brand apart from other comparable products, giving a unique selling point and what’s in it for me? factor to capture and grow market share.

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