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Wednesday, 15 August 2012 05:35

Australian Organics

It’s hard to believe someone hasn’t done this already! But all good ideas have their time. We believe the time is now.


To increase brand recognition and celebrate our Aussie roots, the internationally recognised Koala is our mascot. Our cute Aussie Koala’s are known the world over, and are an iconic ambassador for Australia. But, sadly, they are now endangered. We want to help and ensure their survival. 

We donate a portion of the profits from all Wakkas Organics food outlets to the Australian Koala Foundation.

Organic Fast Food! This is such a simple but timely idea! Now everyone can enjoy delicious, healthy organic food, but it’s not some weird or exotic fairy food! Enjoy great genuine traditional tasty burgers, fries, salads, juice, and delicious organic coffee on the go. Keep up with living knowing you are eating fast, healthy organic food from your local wakkas outlet. And it could be a nice thought to have organic food delivered to your home when you are eating in..

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012 05:33

Organic Fast Food Franchise

In recent decades, Australian’s have become more health conscious and aware of the consequences of poor diet. American fast food chains have become a familiar feature of modern life. With all of us experiencing increasing time pressures, they offer great advantages as a business model in terms of efficiency, affordabaility and convenience. But they have also developed a bad image and reputation for their blandness, fat content and negative health outcomes.  

We understand that some people are just too busy in their lives to worry about this organic food idea. But imagine if you were able to get all your favourite fast foods, with the speed and convenience of a modern hi-tech drive through restaurant, while knowing it was safe and nutricious, great tasting, highest quality organic food? 

Well, you know, that’s exactly the idea behind our brand new chain of Australian organic fast food outlets, we call Wakkas Organics - the new, natural and healthy alternative - organic food to go! Delicious, healthy organic food, now at prices you can afford! And so fast and convenient! 

It’s a great new business and health concept that is right up with the times. Real, restaurant quality organic food, but at fast food prices! 

At Wakkas Organics, it’s so easy to be healthy! 

By combining the best modern business concepts and economic efficiencies of the contemporary fast food restaurant model with the positive, health conscious and wholesome image associated with organic food, it is easy to see the Wakkas Organics Restaurants franchise network as a timely innovation that has huge potential as a profitable and ethical investment.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012 05:33


Mulching means covering the ground with a layer of loose material such as compost, manure, straw, dry grass, leaves or crop residues. Green vegetation is not normally used as it can take a long time to decompose and can attract pests and fungal diseases. Mulches have several effects on the soil which help to improve plant growth:
• Decreasing water loss due to evaporation
• Reducing weed growth by reducing the amount of light reaching the soil
• Preventing soil erosion
• Increasing the number of micro-organisms in the top soil
• Adding nutrients to the soil and improving soil structure
• Adding organic matter to the soil

Alternative mulching materials include black plastic sheeting or cardboard.
However these materials do not add nutrients to the soil or improve its structure
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