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  • A Cuttinge Edge Business Opportunity

    Introducing a great Investment for a Healthy Australia

    A Unique Offer for a Special Person who loves Organic Life.

  • Organic Fast Food

    A Cutting Edge Business Opportunity

    An opportunity to become an Investor and a Major Share Holder in an exciting and unique business opportunity: Australia’s first Organic Fast Food Restaurant Franchise Chain.

  • Ethical Investors in an Organic Food Franchise

    Seeking Ethical Investors in a new Organic Fast Food Concept

    If you believe that Australia, and in fact the world, is ready for fast, convenient healthy organic food, then you might like to join the adventure of building the Wakkas Organics concept and brand.


Imagine a Fast Casual Restaurant Franchise Serving Pure Certified Organic Food!

The world is ready to eat right.

In recent decades, Australian’s have become more health conscious and aware of the consequences of poor diet. American fast food chains have become a familiar feature of modern life.

With all of us experiencing increasing time pressures, they offer great advantages as a business model in terms of efficiency, affordabaility and convenience.

Imagine a "fast casual" food chain that made it quick and convenient to enjoy fresh, nutritious organic food. Not fancy "fairy" food - real, satisfying contemporary international cuisine and even burgers, organic fries, salads and coffee!

It's such a simple idea whose time has come!


Take the Tour

Play the video. Click the "Full Screen" icon.

Our short, light-hearted video explains the Wakkas Organics concept in simple terms.

If you believe in the future of organic food and are looking for a sound, ethical investment take a look!


Backed by our command of the organic food supply chain

An ethical Business Opportunity

We have strong long term relationships directly with organic farmers across Australia and are in a unique position to offer a secure supply chain  of fresh, healthy organic food , direct from the farm gate, cutting out the chain of middlemen and positioning us to access and grow the rapidly emerging market for  certified organic food. Government surveys show that the ordinary consumer is willing to pay up to a 15% premium for organic food to gain the confidence that their diet is contributing to good health outcomes. We can comfortably price our food within this 15% price zone and capitalise on this large potential market. We plan to further expand the availability of organic food to the ordinary consumer by building a network of home delivery franchises .

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Who we are

Byron Bay Organics is certified by Australian Certified Organic (or the ACO) to produce fresh wholesome organic food. We are in partnership with Australia’s original organic food distribution company, Australian Organic Network, one of the pioneering national organic food distribution companies and an innovative marketer of organic food with a strong supply network. So, with this buying power behind us we can source highest quality organic food from all over Australia. Australian Organic Network has strong, long term relationships directly with organic farmers, and so there is no intervening chain of middle men pushing up the prices, giving us access to fresh, tasty organic food, straight from the farm gate to our Wakkas Organics food outlets.


Visit our websites at  australianorganicnetwork.com.au  -  byronbayorganics.com.au and certifiedorganicsolutions.com.au to read our full organic story in more detail.

The Future of Organic Food

  • It's Time to change the way we eat!

    Government research shows that people would like to move to eating organic if the price differential is no greater than 15%
    Commonwealth Govt Survey
    May 8, 2012
  • Organic farming achieves high yields and food of high nutritional quality.

    By combining the economic efficiencies of the fast food drive-in with the positive, health conscious image of organic food, the Wakkas Organics franchise has huge potential as a profitable, ethical investment
    Byron Bay Organics
    Apr 18, 2012
  • People are ready to eat organic!

    With our unique position to supply organic food, we can place our products within the 15% price margin and capitalise on the growing awareness that food quality & diet make a real difference to health outcomes.
    Mainland Organics
    May 7, 2012