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About Us

About Us

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The modern organic farming movement began in Europe around the 1920s, when a group of farmers and consumers sought an alternative to the industrialisation of agriculture. Of key importance to these farmers and consumers was caring for the soil and the natural processes upon which agriculture depends, including not using degrading inputs such as artificial fertilisers and synthetic chemicals. 

Byron Bay Organics is is based in the home of organic food in the Northern Rivers area of NSW and is certified and accredited by the Biological Farmers of Australia. 

Byron Bay Organics is in partnership with the leading and original Australian organic food distributor Australian Organic Network, a company with strong long term relationships with certified organic farmers right across Australia. 

Founder of Australian Organic Network is Ben Debs, one of the most resourceful and knowledgeable persons in organics in Australia, with farming, marketing and project management experience. He has been recognised for his inspiring story by Australian TV’s Today Tonight program. 


Welcome to Byron Bay Organics. From the green hills of Australia’s beautiful Byron Bay, we bring you fresh, wholesome, tasty organic food, full of nutrients and with zero toxins, just the way Nature intended. 

We are certified by the Australian Certified Organic, (ACO) to guarantee the safety and purity of the food we grow. We bring you the very best in healthy organic foods and believe in it’s valuable health and environmental benefits. 

Well, some people are not too sure what organic food actually is. Organic, means wholesome foods, that are grown in natural nutrient-rich soil, using traditional farming methods, with no artificial inputs. 

Organic farmers build up the soil, so it is rich in important nutrients. They don’t add any artificial chemicals, preservatives or toxic sprays that endanger health. It is natural, wholesome food, grown to National Standards by people who care about food quality. 

We understand that some people are just too busy in their lives to worry about this organic food idea. But imagine if you were able to get all your favourite fast foods, with the speed and convenience of a modern hi-tech drive through restaurant, while knowing it was safe and nutricious, great tasting, highest quality organic food? 

Well, you know, that’s exactly the idea behind our brand new chain of Australian organic fast food outlets, we call Wakkas Organics - the new, natural and healthy alternative - organic food to go! Delicious, healthy organic food, now at prices you can afford! And so fast and convenient! 

It’s a great new business and health concept that is right up with the times. Real, restaurant quality organic food, but at fast food prices! 

At Wakkas Organics, it’s so easy to be healthy! 

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