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Fresh Organic Food

Fresh Organic Food

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Fresh Organic Food

Why Go Organic?

In one survey, the reasons why people consumed organic foods were to avoid pesticides (70 percent), eat fresh food (68 percent), maintain health and nutrition (67 percent), and avoid genetically modified foods (55 percent) (3). However, some people choose to eat organic food for ethical purposes, which is commendable.

Most organic food advocates I’ve spoken to eat organic foods because they feel organic foods are safer. “I don’t like chemicals in my foods,” they say. Or they might say, “Natural has to be safer than artificial.” 



“Consumers are often willing to pay more for products they believe are produced in the most sustainable way possible, but we have shown that the organic methods available are not always the most sustainable choice,” says Bahlai.

The Institute of Food Technologists issued a “scientific status summary” on the organic foods industry (9). Here is an excerpt from that summary:

organic-food-choices“Organic fruits and vegetables possess fewer pesticide residues and lower nitrate levels than do conventional fruits and vegetables.

People want organic food!


Foodie Mark Bittman and this great website, Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen, share the results from, what they say is, a “shocking” new survey from Thompson Reuters and NPR Health about organic food.

Results showed that 58% of all Americans want organic food.

That is so amazing and I hope the numbers keeps growing. Watch out Monsanto, we’re a coming!

The other positive outcomes are that age, race, salary and education have no relevance to who wants organic and who doesn’t. 62% of people under the age of 35, given a choice, prefer to eat organic food. It also showed that people of all income levels prefer organic, which negates the long time thinking that only the rich could afford or wanted to afford organic foods.

...When asked most people knew why organic foods are best. Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen blog says, “You don’t need a college education to understand that chemical toxins are going to harm you and your children, 52.7% of people with a high school diploma or higher prefer organic.”

Another interesting finding, 12.9% think organic tastes better while 12.6% think non-organic foods taste better. It makes me laugh really because it just goes to show how trained and used to chemical-filled foods we are. Organic foods are so pure, clean and raw the way food is supposed to taste.

I’m so happy to hear about these results. We are finally teaming together to fight back. We have taken on smoking, drinking and drugs.

Now is the time to take on the food industry and protect our families.

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